The Legendary Crystal

Long ago, in the land of Falsung, there was a crystal that resided in a fortress in the sky. The beautiful crystal was capable of granting wishes to anyone who was able to touch it. Fueled by greed, many fought over using the crystal for their personal gain.

One day, a colossal demon the people dubbed Termina, flew out of the fortress and swept through the land, destroying everything in its path. The ancient King of Falsung, wanting to put an end to the demon and also the bloodshed surrounding the crystal, ordered his most trustworthy knight to travel to the fortress and make two final wishes in his stead.

With the knight’s first wish, he wished to seal Termina in the Dark Void so it could never harm anyone ever again. Then, he wished for the crystal to split into four shards. With his quest complete, he delivered the shards to the King, who then called upon five sages.
He entrusted four of them each with a shard to seal away in sacred temples throughout Falsung, then ordered the remaining sage to craft a pendant that could be used to locate the four shards if cataclysm were to ever strike again.
Many years after the original King’s passing, Falsung got caught in a civil war. The outcome was that the kingdom split in two, and governance was divided between two nations – The New Kingdom of Falsung, ruled by King Garland, and the Kingdom of Norsung, ruled by King Frederik. The events surrounding the crystal still remained, but became heavily obscured by the mists of time.

Mina Mahaulu – Your Atypical Heroine

On the outside, Mina Mahaulu, an aspiring freelance adventurer. On the inside, Mina is half Human and half Fire Esper. True Espers have hearts made entirely of elemental gems called Crystallicite, and depending on what element their Crystallicite is atoned to, they can conjure and manipulate those elements at willIn Mina’s case, she has control of the elements of fire and earth. Being born to a Human father and Esper mother however, comes at a high cost. Since Mina’s heart is only half crystal, her body can be unstable at times and her control over her powers is rather hit or miss. In order to stabilize her volatile body and use her powers effectively, Mina must be near a Crystallicite Cluster (large crystalline structures that can replenish an Esper’s elemental energy, called “MP”), or drink a concoction made up of essences from them, called Elixirs. As a reincarnate of the ancient knight that aided the King of Falsung long ago, Mina possess an unbreakable spirit, is courageous, but is also kind and humble, and isn’t afraid to protect those she cares about.


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